Update: 11/08/21 - subject to changes

1. The 2G rule applies to the event.

2. Spectators are only allowed access if they can prove that they have been vaccinated or have recovered. (Proof of recovery not older than 6 months)

3. For tournament couples their coaches, supervisors or other persons who are in close relationship to the fact that the tournament couples can perform their sporting performance or are in a supervisory obligation or in an economic employment relationship with each other, the 3G rule applies. However, everyone must provide evidence that they have been vaccinated, recovered (proof of recovery not older than 6 months), have a valid PCR test (not older than 48 hours) or a daily but certified rapid test.

4. For employees who are in an indirect or direct employment relationship related to the event, or who contribute through their work to the fact that the event can be carried out, the general 3G rule at the workplace applies.

5. Representatives of the relevant national or international associations are subject to the same rules as the spectators. Unless arguments from paragraph 3 apply.

6. A maximum of the main trainer, 1 assistant trainer and 2 supervisors, which the participating couple needs to ensure their athletic performance, are allowed per tournament couple.

7. Mask requirements apply during the event. Exceptions to this are: tournament couples during their own tournament, their own seat, the direct route to and from the dance floor and on the dance floor. Furthermore, the general and known hygiene rules must be observed.

8. Only persons who are listed under Paragraph 3 or Paragraph 5 and who meet the conditions specified therein are admitted to the day event at Ground Level.

9. Spectators according to paragraphs 2 and 4 are admitted to the evening event at ground level. However, you must have a valid ticket for a seat. Furthermore, only tournament pairs that continue their tournament in the evening event plus the main trainer per tournament pair are permitted. Their stay is only permitted in the designated area. Additional persons according to paragraphs 3 and 5 can take a seat on the grandstand until their tournament pair is eliminated.

10. The entire event is subject to a maximum number of people. Therefore, all tournament pairs that have not qualified for the round of the last 24 pairs must leave the hall on Saturday after the day’s event. The same applies to their trainers and supervisors. Exceptions are: tournament couples, trainers and supervisors who are fully vaccinated or have recovered. If desired, they can take a seat on the grandstand.

Due to the examination of the regulations, please expect longer waiting times at the entrance / check-in.