Dear friends, couples, partners and officials,

welcome to the official website of the Saxonian Dance Classics.

Due to difficulties and overlapping regarding the appointment, we had to change the venue for this year.

New Venue: Sport/Mehrzweckhalle Gymnasium Coswig, Melanchthonstraße 10, 01640 Coswig

For styling appointments please contact Beauty Code direct.

Beauty Code will stay at Friday and Saturday in the following

Hotel: Ringhotel Alt Residenz, Mobschatzer Str. 29 / 01157 Dresden

Also they will stay ta Sunday direct in to the venue.

Saturday, 13.11.2021

WDSF World Championship Youth Standard

WDSF Open Senior I Latein

WDSF Open Senior I Standard


Sonntag, 14.11.2021

WDSF Open Senior II Standard

WDSF Open Senior III Standard