to our 9. Saxonian Dance Classics at 10. and 11. November 2018 !

Friday, 09.11.2018

WDSF Senior I Open Standard

WDSF Senior II Open Latein

Saturday, 10.11.2018

North European Championship 

NEC Juv I Standard / NEC Juv I Latin

NEC Juv II Standard / NEC Juv II Latein

NEC Jun I Standard / NEC Jun I Latin

NEC Jun II Standard / NEC Jun II Latin

NEC Youth Standard / NEC Youth Latin

NEC HGR Standard / NEC HGR Latin

NEC Sen I Standard / NEC Sen I Latin



Sunday, 11.11.2018

WDSF Senior I Open Latin

WDSF Senior II Open Standard

WDSF Senior III Open Standard

WDSF Senior IV Open Standard